Scandalous Friends

Susan Nikolas, third daughter of Stanton Nikolas of Nikolas Corporation, always had a mind of her own, even when seemingly minding her father’s phobias about public behavior.  The one most annoying to her was his homophobia when out of two sons, he had one openly gay and the other a closeted bisexual. Susan did not know what to call herself, believing that her erotic dreams of women did not necessarily make her a lesbian or bisexual.

Susan was raised in a small California town where her occasional trips out of town gave her a glimpse of what was beyond her father’s imposed boundaries. Until she met Caitlin McKenzie in Arizona, she was perfectly satisfied in taking brief trips out of her father’s reach, still not testing her curiosity about her sexuality.  Once Susan made up her mind to leave home, she felt unburdened as she headed to San Francisco in search of Caitlin.  While she looked, she met amazing people that introduced her to a sensuous world that her dreams hinted at.

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